Corporate Social Responsibility

Alimak is a leading industrial group in Vertical Access Solutions and pioneer in supplying elevators, hoists and work platforms based on rack-and-pinion technology.

We have a global sales and service network, serving an installed base of more than 66 000 elevators, hoists, service lifts and building maintenance units (BMU’s) across a wide range of end markets, including construction, oil and gas, ports and shipyards, power and cement. Alimak Group have important relationships with many employees, customers, authorities, organizations, suppliers, business partners and local communities across the world where we are present.

Alimak’s solutions contribute to improving working conditions through high quality, safe and efficient vertical access solutions.

Health, safety and environmental regulations

Within Alimak’s Industrial business area there is strong regulatory focus on environmental impact from heavy industrial companies and increasing importance of product safety and reliability. Within the Construction business area, there is an increasing importance of occupational safety at construction sites and trend towards energy efficiency, requires retrofits to many existing buildings.

Alimak believes that its operations in China combined with the Group’s broad experience, track record and know-how established through its long history and leading positions in mature markets, including its work with advanced environmental and safety requirements in Europe and North America, provides a solid platform to offer well-engineered, safe, reliable and cost-competitive vertical access solutions in mature and emerging markets.

Furthermore, Alimak has a longstanding reputation in the vertical access solutions industry for the safety, reliability and quality of its products. The Group’s products undergo a series of rigorous safety and quality tests before arrival to market. Safety and reliability stand among key purchasing criteria in industrial and construction applications within mature and emerging markets, thus the Group believes that it benefits from its reputation for delivering safe, well-engineered and reliable solutions.

Alimak’s environmental and social impact in the value chain

As a global leader in our industry, Alimak has a responsibility to contribute to sustainable economical, social and environmental development.

Resource efficient and responsible vertical access solutions contribute to important support functions for many different industrial and construction sectors. Alimak is committed to increasing the value creation for our stakeholders including the society in general and we strive to minimize the negative effects of the products and services we manufacture, sell, and service throughout the life cycle, from extraction of raw materials, manufacture of hoists and platforms, transportation, usage, after sales services including refurbishment and recycling. Beyond the influence we have on our own operations, we will also use our influence towards our suppliers and sub-suppliers regarding the sourcing of raw materials. We require all direct suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct for suppliers.

Alimak strives to take into account the different dimensions of a responsible, business-ethical, and sustainable operation; finance, social responsibility, and environmental influence in business decisions and day to day operations. This have been decided by Alimak Group’s Board of Directors and Group Management team in the form of Alimak’s Code of Conduct as well as Alimak Group’s Code of Conduct for suppliers.

Our Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact, which comprises human rights, working conditions, environment, business ethics and anti-corruption.