Values and Business Ethics

Alimak values are built on the philosophy that success is reached by close cooperation and teamwork, internally as well as externally in partnership with our customers, suppliers, distributors and other business partners and different organisations in the communities where we have operations.

The following core values is the foundation for our corporate culture and the way we conduct our business:

  • Close to the customer
  • Long-term partnership
  • Excellence and continuous improvements
  • Peace of mind

Close to the customer

With more than 21,000 construction hoists, industrial elevators, mast climbing work and transport platforms in use, we have a global presence and have unmatched insight into customer needs.

As a leader of the rack and pinion industry, we develop suitable product applications based on our experience helping to identify and meet customer expectations and requirements.

Delivering a product is easy, helping you get the most out of your equipment during its long lifetime is the real trick and here is where our worldwide commitment comes in. We provide the full spectrum of after sales support services for as long as you operate the equipment.

Alimak In The Construction Industry 4
Alimak In The Construction Industry 4

Alimak in the construction industry

Long-term partnership

The customer benefit from renting or buying products and added value services from the world’s leading manufacturer of rack and pinion hoists, elevators and work platforms is that Alimak’s size and financial stability makes us a reliable long-term partner. Alimak continuously invests in technology, equipment, suppliers, competence, service and local presence.

Excellence and continuous improvements

There is no substitute for excellence. Our R&D commitment results in equipment and services meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. Integrated software and application engineering are used to develop the most suitable system solutions based on your individual specifications, while in-house calculation programs allow us to provide fast, accurate support.

Peace of mind

Alimak provides peace of mind, covering everything from code compliance, safety of personnel to rapid access to spare parts and service. Every component delivered from our factories is subjected to rigorous safety control tests. Component materials and design are constantly tested and developed to further increase reliability and resistance to wear. All personnel and maintenance staff, including distributor and dealer personnel, undergo continuous safety, technical and maintenance training.

Alimak’s values are also indicative of our responsibility and work for sustainable development. Alimak will, across all markets, act as one company based on our shared values, business principles, policies, guidelines and reports.

Code of Conduct and business ethics

Our Code of Conduct is based on UN Global Compact, with 10 guidelines for human rights, working conditions, environment as well as anti-corruption.


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