A sustainable business

As highlighted in the New Heights programme, sustainability will be one of Alimak Group’s fundamental enablers and cross through all strategic initiatives and thereby be a vital part of the DNA – both for the Group, and fully integrated into each division’s strategy.

In a world that is growing and becoming ever more global, megacities are created – driven by population growth and urbanisation. These growing communities need infrastructure, housing and renewable energy. Alimak Group’s access solutions enable the development of this in an efficient way, but most importantly through higher safety via vertical access automation at the customer’s facilities. Sustainable operations as well as a focus on relationships are necessary to achieve this. The Group’s major focus on the service business is a vital part in creating a more sustainable society as the offering of upgrades and refurbishment extends the solutions’ lifetime.

The Group is also exposed to risks in the sustainability area, for example, risks concerning environmental issues, climate change, health & safety, respect for human rights, bribery and corruption.

In 2020, Alimak Group did a full retake of the stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis. The materiality analysis forms the basis for the Group’s sustainability work and what is prioritised in order to increase value creation, reduce environmental impact and contribute to improved social development.

Based on the outcome of the stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis, Alimak Group has updated its framework for sustainability focus areas and how it ties in with the whole business to reach the vision of “Moving people, material and businesses safely to new heights”. The three new focus areas include Sustainable solutions, Sustainable operations and Sustainable relationships, presented here, and will form the basis for the selection of new KPIs and targets.

Sustainable solutions

Through its products and services, Alimak Group helps customers increase safety and reduce their climate impact. The solutions create access to renewable energy parks, improved logistics at construction sites and better working conditions within the industries building the infrastructure of the future.

Sustainable operations

Having sustainable operations is a core part of delivering world-leading access solutions. Alimak Group reduces the climate impact of its own operations and promotes a safe workplace.

Sustainable relationships

Alimak Group has customers in more than 100 countries, served by approximately 2,000 employees. The Group conducts its business in a responsible manner, promoting an inclusive and engaging workplace, and expects business partners to do the same.


More information

More information can always be found in the latest Sustainability report, which is integrated into the Annual report.