Social Responsibility

As an international company with 2,400 employees, production in eight countries and sales in more than 100 countries, Alimak Group affects society in many ways. With Alimak Group’s leading position in the industry follows a great responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable development of the construction and industrial sectors worldwide.

Resource efficient and responsible vertical access solutions contribute to important support functions for many different industrial and construction sectors. Alimak Group is committed to increasing the value creation for stakeholders including the society in general and strive to minimize the negative effects of the products and services manufactured, sold, and serviced throughout the life cycle, from extraction of raw materials, manufacture of hoists and platforms, transportation, usage, after sales services including refurbishment and recycling.

Alimak Group strives to take into account the different dimensions of a responsible, business-ethical, and sustainable operation; finance, social responsibility, and environmental influence in business decisions and day to day operations. This has been decided by Alimak Group’s Board of Directors and Group Management team in the form of Alimak’s Code of Conduct as well as Alimak Group’s Code of Conduct for suppliers.

The Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact, which comprises human rights, working conditions, environment, business ethics and anti-corruption.

The Group has identified four sustainability focus areas.

1. Safe, efficient and reliable solutions

Alimak Group focuses on continuously improving the safety, efficiency, ease-of-use and service life of its products. The company leads technology development in the industry and its global presence enables faster and more efficient services to customers across the globe.

Alimak construction hoists at work in Dubai UAE
Alimak construction hoists at work in Dubai UAE

Alimak construction hoists at work in Dubai, UAE

Through the acquisitions of Facade Access Group and Avanti, Alimak Group almost doubled its technical capacity, strengthened its competence base and extended its geographical footprint. The technical development centres were connected in 2017 through a global network.

In 2017, Alimak Group launched several new hoists and platform products adapted for the Asian market. Several record-breaking facade maintenance products were also launched, increasing their future competitiveness and application areas. In the wind segment, several new tools and solutions were launched, aimed at supporting safer and simpler installations and a higher degree of efficiency.

2. Resource efficient production

Alimak Group focuses on reducing the environmental impact from its production in the long term, mainly through ensuring efficient and responsible use of raw material, energy, water and chemicals as well as minimising emissions and waste. All of the twelve production facilities are quality certified according to ISO 9001. Work is currently under way to expand the certification to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 during 2018 and 2019.

In recent years the production facilities have invested in a number of resource saving measures. These include the introduction of new laser cutting equipment, timer controlled ovens in the paint shop, switching to low energy bulbs and several other measures resulting in reduced energy consumption.

3. Responsible and efficient purchasing and logistics solutions

Alimak Group requires that all suppliers and their subcontracted suppliers comply with the Group’s Code of Conduct, other policies and demands. The Code of Conduct is included in all new and renewed agreements with suppliers. Measures to ensure compliance also include training and visiting suppliers.

Alimak Group has an extensive global presence, which means that efficient logistics is crucial for reducing the number of transports of products and spare parts as well as trips made by representatives of Alimak Group’s sales and service organisation. The aim is to minimize both direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases from transports and trips. Alimak Group chooses ”green” transports whenever possible, by for example replacing transports of goods by sea from China with train.

4. Employees and business ethics

Alimak Group operates in more than 100 countries and through the acquisition of Manntech, CoxGomyl and Avanti, the number of employees increased from some 1,200 to 2,400. The Code of Conduct has been instrumental in ensuring that everyone in the company understands and shares Alimak Group’s values when it comes to business ethics. All employees, including management, have taken part in a web based training programme.

Alimak Group’s whistle-blower system enables customers, suppliers and employees to anonymously sound the alarm on any deviations from Alimak Group’s Code of Conduct and business ethics guidelines. The compliance responsible of the company is in charge of ensuring that these issues are dealt with. Reports are made at every Board meeting.