Environmental Efforts

The Industrial sector has a significant influence on the environment through use of various natural resources, transportation, manufacturing, usage, servicing, refurbishing and recycling of industrial products and solutions.

In all aspects, not only for safety and quality, Alimak has the objective to be world leading within our field of operation. Therefore, environmental impact has always been considered when developing new models and improving our business.

Environmental management system

In 2009, Alimak was certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001 by Det Norske Veritas, DNV. Once a year, audits are performed where improvements regarding environment are documented and implemented.

Prioritised areas

Our prioritised areas regarding our environmental impact are; reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, effective management of resources across the product’s life cycle, and responsible recycling.

Considerable environmental impacts from our business are defined in five areas:

  • Waste
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Transports
  • Energy consumption
Alimak Elevator Image
Alimak Elevator Image

Alimak elevator improves accessibility at the waste-to-energy plant, Torsvik, Jönköping, Sweden


For all waste generated at Alimak’s factory in Skellefteå, Sweden, a system is implemented to separate the waste into fractions. This means that the waste can be reused, recycled or turned into energy.

Air pollution

Air pollution consists of two subjects; emissions from welding and shot blasting. All emissions pass advanced filters before leaving the factory and external analysis are done frequently to assure that emissions meet local regulations and are minimized. The other emission is from usage of solvent. Over the years actions have been taken to minimize the usage of solvent.

Water pollution

All chemicals are put into crates which prevent leakage to soil and water. The process water in the factory is cleaned by chemicals and the water reaches such purity that it is directly released to the communal foul water system. External analysis of the water is done to ensure the process.


Alimak delivers elevators and related services all over the world. This means transport by air, train, vessel and truck. To minimize the environmental impact, boat and train always is the first choice and our packing methods are systemized to be as efficient as possible.

District heating and reducing energy consumption

Other major environmental improvements are the district heating system which lowered the use of oil by 90%. Power consumption is continuously lowered by optimizing ovens in the paint shop, changing light to energy saving source of lights, reduced leakage in the system for compressed air and optimizing the heat system in the workshop.

By implementing continuous improvements as a normal way to work, Alimak strives to be the industry leader when it comes to quality, safety and environment.

Organisation and reporting

We have an environmental advisory board with representatives of various parts of the company to develop our environmental management system, in order to review how we can be more efficient and generally reduce our strain on the environment.