Code of Conduct

Alimak Group’s Code of conduct describes how we conduct business in an ethical and responsible way. It states the principles of behavior that we follow and provides us with practical guidance in our actions and everyday business decisions.

All employees at Alimak Group are trained in the Code of Conduct. Training is included in our introduction programs for new employees and is repeated regularly.

Alimak Group adhere to the UN Global Compact, an initiative aiming to make human rights, fair labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption core parts of the participating companies operations.

Report breaches

To report potential breaches of the code, local laws, raise other issues within the operations or ask questions regarding our business conduct, you may use our reporting tool, see link at the end of this page. You can also send an email to: or by regular mail to the address listed below.

Westermark Anjou
Att: Victoria Skoglund
Sergels Torg 12
SE -111 57 Stockholm

Regardless of the reporting channel, all reports of potential violations of the guidelines that are made in good faith will receive a swift, fair and comprehensive investigation conducted with the relevant internal and/or external assistance. There will be no retaliation or other negative consequences for persons reporting in good faith. The information received will be managed according to the Swedish Data Inspection Board´s guidelines.

Alimak Elevators Provides Emergency Escape In Road And Railway Tunnels
Alimak Elevators Provides Emergency Escape In Road And Railway Tunnels

Alimak elevators provides emergency escape in road and railway tunnels