Investment Case

Strong global market position and brands

Alimak Group has widely recognised and preferred brands as well as good knowledge of the market and an installed base of 67,000 units. The products are distinguished by their high levels of safety, quality and reliability.

Attractive business model with resilient aftermarket revenues

The business extends over the entire value chain, from product development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales to after-market services, which help ensure stable revenues and sound profitability. The Group has extensive coverage across products and technologies in the four divisions. Alimak Group’s broad range of after-market services, mostly focused on the Group’s installed base, represent an important factor in the stability of the cash flow.

Strong international platform in emerging and mature markets

Alimak Group conducts sales globally via its own sales organisations and a network of distributors. The global organisation offers closeness to the market, ensuring good knowledge of the customer and long-term relationships. Alimak Group has cost-effective and efficient production plants that contribute long term to the Group’s competitiveness. Manufacturing is continuously evolved in order to strengthen the Group’s position in key markets in Asia and to fully optimise production and purchasing costs.

Strong financial position

The Group has a long history of good profitability and cash generation through its cost-efficient manufacturing activities, sound capital management and high proportion of profits from after-market services.

Positioned to capitalize on global trends and own initiatives

Own initiatives as well as macroeconomic trends in both mature and emerging markets are important factors behind the company’s market growth. Urbanisation, health, safety and environmental concerns, together with automation and mechanisation, have been identified as especially important.