Alimak Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Group has 60 own sales offices worldwide, 12 manufacturing units in 8 countries and a wide sales- and service network through distributors in more than 100 countries.

Alimak has approximately 2 400 employees globally as of September 30, 2018. The Group’s day-to-day work is led by the CEO Tormod Gunleiksrud. The members of the Group Management report directly to the CEO. Investor relations, Corporate Communication, compliance and certain financial functions, among other things, are run by the headquarters. The IT-department is group-wide for Alimak.

The Board is responsible for the company’s organisation and administration. The Board also issues guidelines and instructions to the CEO. The Board’s task is to ensure control of the company’s accounting, administration and financial affairs.


The Group’s sales are conducted through its own sales organisation and a global network of distributors that market and sell the Group’s products, support and service. Our global organisation gives us closeness to customers, ensuring good knowledge of the customer, long-term relationships and high service quality. Alimak has 60 own sales offices in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, USA, China, Australia, India and Brazil amongst others, 40 service centers and more than 100 distributors in over 90 countries.


Alimak has cost-effective and efficient integrated production, research and development facilities that help to assure the Group’s long-term competitiveness. The Group has a well-established manufacturing footprint in mature and emerging markets. The productions sites are located in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, US, Brazil and China.

Management Team

Board of Directors

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