Wind offers products, solutions and training courses for safe work in wind turbines, such as service lifts, ladders and tower internals with the aim to help customers make wind energy cost competitive.

The Wind division supplies safe and competitive access solutions for wind towers worldwide under the brand Avanti by means of a complete portfolio of highly reliable products and an efficient supply chain close to the customers, to optimise the management of the energy produced by wind turbines. With a comprehensive range of vertical access solutions all geared around maximising safety, Avanti service lifts meet the varied and changing needs of customers in the renewable energy industry served by 3 technologies: wire guided, rack-and-pinion as well as ladder guided service lifts. Avanti provides its complete portfolio of vertical access solutions (lifts, ladders, fall protection, climb assistance systems and tower internals) to the biggest global wind OEMs and offers service, training and inspections also to utilities and service companies in the sector.


Safe work in wind turbines, off-shore and on-shore. Through high-quality safety products and solutions for wind turbine towers, Avanti helps customers make wind energy cost competitive. Over 40,000 service lifts have been installed globally, more than 10,000 tower internals and more than 15,000 service technicians working in the wind industry have been trained and educated in safety by Avanti