Construction offers a wide range of hoists, elevators and platforms based on rack-and-pinion technology. These are used temporarily during construction and refurbishment projects.

Construction develops, manufactures, sells and provides rentals of a wide range of construction hoists and platforms for temporary use in construction and renovation projects. The rental option is provided in the selected markets France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. The offering also includes analysis of customer needs, identification of solutions and products and customer training on site. The division also offers sales of the Group’s used construction products, mainly derived from its own rental fleet as well as the important service offering of things such as assembly, disassembly, maintenance, operating assistance, transportation and insurance. Products range from basic to large, bespoke highspeed solutions. These include rack-and-pinion operated construction hoists for passengers and materials, tower crane elevators, transport platforms and material elevators for vertical transportation of people and material, as well as mobile work platforms. Many of these are based on modular designs, which make them flexible with respect to size and usability in many different contexts. Alimak Group is a pioneer in the industry and has been a market leader for over 70 years. The Alimak brand is well established and respected in the construction sector and in many regions synonymous with the term construction hoist.


The Construction division creates value through products designed for a number of different uses where work safety, reliability, versatility and price are key requirements. The use of modular designs as a foundation for further customisation reduces assembly time and maintenance costs for the customer. The rental option provides the customer greater flexibility, since use of the construction equipment is project-based and thus subject to a time limit. Renting the equipment is less capital-intensive and offers the customer lower risk and greater cost control. Used sales provides customers an alternative to investing in new products when market conditions and uses allow for more basic machinery, particularly in emerging markets.