Facade Access

Facade Access offers permanent building maintenance systems and facade access solutions available for every building structure regardless of its simplicity or complexity.

The Facade Access division offers permanently installed equipment and systems that enable regular access to the facade of buildings, often called Fa├žade Access. Typically, the equipment is used to provide a permanent means of being able to access the outside facade of buildings for maintenance purposes, which includes cleaning and replacing panels, lights and windows. The permanent access solutions are also used on infrastructure such as stadiums, airports, hospitals, bridges and industrial installations for the same purposes. In addition to catalogue standard solutions for basic facade access needs, the division offers both Engineered to Order, customised solutions to overcome project specific challenges requiring deep engineering know-how, as well as Configured to Order, configurable Building Maintenance systems built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance.



Present around the world with over 120 years of combined experience, the Manntech and CoxGomyl brands are industry pioneers and innovators, providing optimal building maintenance systems available for every building structure regardless of its simplicity or complexity. The combination of the brands provide the most reliable and efficient building access solutions which are built on proven technologies, providing exceptional performance whilst meeting the highest standards of safety and quality. In the high complexity market of super tall buildings or buildings with complex shapes, the historical success and brand names of CoxGomyl and Manntech are important in the decision to buy. In these bespoke, highly complex buildings, the functionality, reliability and visual appearance is important to the customers and the architects.