Construction Equipment

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The Construction Equipment business area designs, develops, manufactures, sells and distributes construction elevators and platforms globally. Product categories cover large and bespoke construction hoists as well as more standard transport solutions and platforms installed for temporary use in connection with construction and renovation. Products range from basic work platforms to high speed construction elevators, including rack-and-pinion operated construction elevators for passengers and materials, tower crane elevators, transport platforms and material elevators for vertical transportation of people and materials, as well as mobile work platforms. Many of these are based on modular designs, which make them flexible with respect to size and usability in many different contexts, e.g. the construction and renovation of tall buildings, bridges, smoke stacks and facades.

Alimak Group is a pioneer in the industry and has been a market leader for nearly 70 years. The Alimak brand is well established and respected in the construction sector with products distinguished by their high level of safety, reliability, versatility and quality.