After Sales

Installed base, thousands of hoists:


Share of Alimak Group’s revenue full year 2018:


Share of Alimak Group’s operating profit (EBITA adj.) full year 2018:


After Sales services is an important part of Alimak Group’s offering for both the industrial and construction sector. The offering ranges from installation and technical support to maintenance, repairs, spare parts and service, refurbishment and modernisation, surveillance systems and training.

In industrial projects, elevators are installed permanently, mostly with a service life of 25 years or longer. Over the first 15 years, the main requirement is for routine servicing and maintenance. In the subsequent 10 to 15 years, continuous refurbishment and modernisation is recommended until the equipment is replaced in its entirety. Servicing and maintenance of complex industrial elevators can generate revenues three times the value of the original sale.

In the construction sector, hoists are installed temporarily and are constantly moved from one site to another. Services are called for both when the equipment is used and when it is moved to another site.