Alimak Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. As of January 1, 2016, it had a total of 1,205 full-time employees. The Group has 22 own sales offices in 16 countries, manufacturing in Sweden and in China and a wide network of Distributors in additional markets.

Alimak´s operations are organized in four business areas that cater to customers with distinct end user needs:

  • The Industrial Equipment business area designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a broad selection of elevators for permanent use in a wide range of end markets, including oil and gas, ports and shipyards, as well as power and cement. The Group is the market leader in industrial rack-and-pinion applications with a global market share based on sales estimated at approximately 55%. (Cardo Partners Estimates, 2015).
  • The After Sales business area provides a variety of aftermarket services, such as installation, maintenance, repair, spare parts, contract based servicing, refurbishment, application engineering, remote monitoring systems and on-site customer training, across the lifecycle of the equipment, leveraging the Group’s installed base of more than 22,000 units. The Group is the leading service provider for its own equipment, with an estimated penetration rate of approximately 50% of its installed rack-and-pinion base[1], and is in some cases also a service provider for traction technology and other adjacent applications.
  • The Construction Equipment business area designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of construction hoists and platforms that are installed for temporary use in connection with construction and refurbishment projects. In construction, the Group is the market leader in mature markets. (Cardo Partners Estimates, 2015). Furthermore, the Group is well positioned to grow its market share in emerging markets with its newly developed line of mid-market hoists and as the only Western provider of rack-and-pinion based vertical access solutions with sourcing and manufacturing facilities in China.
  • The Rental business area provides rental services based on the Group’s own designed, developed and manufactured construction hoists and platforms to customers in four key markets: France, Benelux, Germany and Australia, as well as offers sales of the Group’s used industrial and construction products.

[1] Market share calculated on normal parts and service business (excluding refurbishment and traction parts and service).